Our Curriculum

preschool programs

We have many areas of concentration that every child is exposed to

  • Practical Life

    Real life activities help to develop concentration, coordination, independence, and order.

  • Sensorial

    The five senses are stimulated through attractive didactic materials. Classification and comparisons are practiced.

  • Language

    he process of absorbing, experiencing, and expressing language gives the child experience in pre-writing, pre-reading, communication, and listening. Vocabulary, reading, and handwriting begin when the child is ready (usually around 3 years of age). The child proceeds at his/her own pace. Montessori uses a phonics based language program. EGMS is very excited to introduce “Handwriting without Tears”, as part of our curriculum.

  • Mathematics

    Math materials enable the child to experience and understand concrete forms of numbers and concepts while preparing for an abstract understanding of higher math.

  • Music

    The Montessori music program consists of formal rhythm training plus rhythm instruments, singing, and dancing.

  • Art

    Art activities are encouraged and experienced daily on an individual basis as well as through more formal group projects. The primary classes also have weekly art class. Children are introduced to different artists and their artwork. Students than create their own understanding of the artwork. The main hall at EGMS, exhibit’s the primary student’s weekly artwork.

  • Social Studies/Geography

    Globes, maps, and cultural activities help the children to visualize and understand the world and its inhabitants. EGMS celebrates all local and
    foreign holidays. Parent-s are encouraged and invited to share their knowledge with our students.

  • Science

    Discovery, classification, and exploration are emphasized following the child’s spontaneous interest in nature and the physical sciences.

  • Computers

    All children are exposed to a hands-on approach using Mac computers. Weekly computer class is for the extended day students. Small group direction and individual lessons allow the students to master the use and control of the mouse along with practicing stimulating learning activities, and educational games.

  • Foreign Language

    Mandarin is enhanced through formal group training and learning activities.

  • Extra-Curricular

    Dance and martial arts are in addition to the Montessori curriculum. These classes are offered in the PMĀ hours.